Judges BVA-International


Welcome to the BVA-International judge website. This site is primarily there to inform enthusiasts and BVA members about the functioning of the BVA-International judge corps and to give an overview (or updates) on the international standards and new training courses for BVA-International judges.

Some history:

The plans for a BVA judges team have actually existed as long as BVA itself.
From the very beginning, one of the objectives was to have a BVA judges team. Nevertheless, it took several years to get the project starting. It was in 1999 that BVA presented the show with BVA-International judges for the first time.

In September 1998, the BVA board gave the green light to train BVA judges. Dirk Van den Abeele was assigned the management of the TC by the BVA board and he was responsible for the courses and training of the judges. Since 2001, the BVA-International judges are judging in shows worldwide.

In 2019, the executive members of the technical committee of the BVA-International judges (EMTC) took over the lead and practical trainings. Ornitho-Genetics VZW provides scientific support for the judges.


This is a the list of the official BVA-International judges:

Eric Pauwels – Belgium -EMTC 
Frank Buys – Belgium – EMTC
Jordy Van de Kerckhove – Belgium
Juriaan Hakvoort – The Netherlands
Karel Van Vooren – Belgium – EMTC
Sam Gibbs – UK – EMTC
Bart Descamps – Belgium – EMTC
Marnique Standaert – Belgium
Philip Roels – Belgium

*EMTC (Executive Member Technical Committee)

As you can see: we have no real BVA judges board, we have no ranks because BVA-International judges are a team! Each has his responsibility and important: Together they are strong.

Cooperation with other societies

BVA-International judges are cooperating with the technical committees of KAOB, Parkietensocieteit Nederland and KBOF for the standards.