Judges BVA-International

Thank you Jan-Harm and Glenn

After long years of dedicated service as a BVA-International judge, Glenn Ooms and Jan-Harm Keijzer decided to stop their function as Judges. It is too difficult for them to combine their professional lives with their duties as BVA-International judge. We would like to thank them for their long years of

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Judges BVA Masters 2023

This team of Judges was judging the birds during the BVA Masters 2023 From left to right: Edwin Vloeberghen – KBOF – Belgium, Frank Buys – BVA-International, Bart Descamps – BVA-International, Glenn Ooms – BVA-International, Jef Kenis – KBOF (judge in training), Jan-Harm Keijzer – BVA-International, Filip Reso – KBOF

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For those in doubt

Sometimes there is some confusion about the BVA-International judges. BVA-International has sister associations worldwide. These sister associations publish the BVA-International magazine in their own language, often organize their own show and, if desired, can train their own judges (if they didn’t already have them before they joined BVA-International). These judges

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