Judges BVA-International

Glenn Ooms

  • BVA-International judge since 2012
  • Member EMTC
  • Specialised in Agapornis nigrigenis, Agapornis fischeri ,Agapornis taranta and Agapornis roseicollis
  • Languages: Dutch and English
  • E-mail: glenn.ooms@BVA-International.com

About Glenn

Breeding birds has been his passion since he was a little boy. Soon lovebirds came into his life.
He especially prefers Agapornis nigrigenis and Agapornis fischeri. But also Agapornis taranta and Agapornis roseicollis are in his collection.
Apart from colour mutations in A. fischeri, Glenn only breeds wild-type birds. The preservation of the wild type is a must for Glenn!
The interesting thing about the hobby for him is genetics and the knowledge behind the mutation. For this he has registered as a judge within BVA-international.