Judges BVA-International

How to become a BVA International Judge?

How do you become a BVA-International judge?
Well, for a start, it is good to realise the title of BVA-International judge, is not a title for life. It is a title that you must earn every year and continue to substantiate.

How do you get started? First and foremost you must participate in the BVA theoretical course on the genus Agapornis. This course is organized every two to three years by Ornitho-Genetics VZW. Every BVA-International member has the opportunity to register for this course.
This course consists of several days / webinars and during these meetings, the various lovebird species, their mutations, genetics, feather structure, pigments, etc. are extensively discussed. After this course, the candidates can take a test.

If they pass this test with more than 70%, they receive a certificate of Ornitho-Genetics VZW that is valid for three years. With that certificate, the candidate can then participate in the BVA judges practical course when it is organized (this decision depends on the BVA – TC). If the candidate passes, he or she will receive the title of BVA-International judge for the upcoming year.

Please note: each BVA-International judge license is renewed annually by the TC.
The BVA-International judges are organising every year at least 4 practical trainings and 2 scientific trainings. The judges must attend at least more than half of them. If they don’t meet these quotas and/ or the judge remains absent from the future courses or no longer breeds lovebirds, the mandate expires immediately. That way, we prevent them from giving up all motivation ‘after obtaining their title’